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Glad you are thinking about getting a helping hand from Verona housekeeping services. Legacy Cleaning Services is happy to help you out! We know that it takes hours and hours to keep a home clean. Legacy house cleaning services in Verona WI will take care of your cleaning needs so you can enjoy your time with your family and doing the things you love.

Benefits of Using Our Home Cleaning Services in Verona WI

Housekeeping services in Verona WI do more than keep a clean home. There are many benefits that our clients enjoy, such as:

  • Deeper, longer lasting Verona housekeeping services
  • Free time for you and your family
  • Fewer supplies to buy and store
  • Healthier indoor air
  • Party-ready home
  • Reduced stress

Why Our Verona Home Cleaning Services are Different

Legacy Cleaning Services is a family owned company that focuses on residential housekeeping. Residential house cleaning services is all we do in Verona WI. All our equipment, supplies and cleaning method is optimized for recurring house cleaning exclusively. We are not a “jack of all treads,” we are specialists. We feel that this focus leads to the best results you can get from a Verona house cleaning service.

Here are a few ways our Verona home cleaning services vary from others:

  • Low turnover rates. Our strict hiring process gives us a great team to work with. We also have a rewarding working environment with weekly pay and full benefits, leading to low turnover.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Our Verona house cleaning services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us within 24 hours and we’ll address the problem with a redo, discount or refund.
  • Customized packages. During the in home free estimate, we will put together a package that best address your needs and wants from a home cleaning services in Verona WI.
  • Great service. When you choose us for housekeeping services in Verona WI, you can expect great service all of the time. We are responsive, easy to reach and accommodating.

Are you ready to start enjoying these benefits as other people are? Give us a call and schedule your in-home estimate for Verona housekeeping services.

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