Windsor Residential House Cleaning

Are you interested in hiring Windsor residential house cleaning services? Legacy Cleaning Services offers superior residential cleaning services in Windsor WI. We don’t do commercial cleaning, so all of our supplies and equipment are optimized for homes. With our green cleaning products, trained staff and specialized cleaning equipment, you can expect deep, longer lasting Windsor residential home cleaning.

Why Choose Us for Residential Home Cleaning in Windsor WI

Legacy Cleaning Services has a passion for cleaning. We know that our Windsor residential cleaning services are for more than washing and scrubbing. They put valuable time back into our clients’s schedules. We have many clients who say that they are happier and healthier with our residential cleaning services in Windsor WI.

As you consider your options for Windsor residential house cleaning, here are some things to know about us:

  • Low turnover. We know that many cleaning companies struggle with turnover, but our staff is very consistent. We attribute this to our strict hiring process and rewarding work environment that offers weekly pay and full benefits. Consistent cleaning teams lead to better Windsor residential home cleaning.
  • Great service. As a locally owned business, we care about our customers’ experiences. When you choose us for residential house cleaning in Windsor WI, we promise to be accessible, accommodating and responsive. We are here to serve you!
  • Satisfaction guarantee. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Windsor residential cleaning services. Call us within 24 hours if you see something that is not up to your standards and we’ll redo it.
  • Free cleanings for some. As part of our Leukemia Relief Campaign, Legacy Cleaning Services offers residential home cleaning in Windsor WI free of charge for families with children with leukemia.
  • Free in-home estimates. Our estimates for residential house cleaning in Windsor WI are always free and no obligation. Plus, you can customize your package with us.

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