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Leukemia Relief Program

“Legacy is elated to offer FREE HOUSE CLEANING support to families with a child undergoing leukemia treatment! Roger and I have been blessed with amazing success in our little cleaning business and we want to share our blessings with less fortunate ones.  Helping leukemia-stricken families has been a dream of mine for a long time.  My daughter Nicole had some serious health challenges growing up.  During one of her hospitalizations, I was feeling quite sorry for myself, until I met and got to know another mom losing her daughter to leukemia. It was a very humbling and touching experience.  Today, I am fortunate enough to still have my beautiful 20-year old daughter and to be able to help other families in need.”
 Mina Ekenler


Mina Ekenler of Legacy Cleaning Services gets to know Noah.

Proudly Serving Madison, WI and nearby communities throughout Dane County

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