House Cleaning Services

As the saying goes… “A jack of all trades, is a master of none!” Legacy prides itself in being a highly specialized company. We clean homes and that’s all we do! All our supplies, equipment, cleaning techniques, and personal training are optimized for house cleaning.

Our services include all standard cleaning tasks such as:


  • Clean sink
  • Clean appliance exteriors
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Clean range top
  • Clean counters
  • Wipe countertop appliances
  • Spot clean cabinet doors
  • Vacuum and wash floors


  • Clean sink, counters, mirrors
  • Clean toilet, tubs, shower
  • Dust light fixtures, wall hangings, decor
  • Spot clean cabinet doors
  • Empty waste baskets
  • Vacuum and wash floors

All Rooms

  • Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings
  • Dust all furniture
  • Vacuum upholstery (sofas, chairs, etc)
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust baseboards
  • Clean light switch plates
  • Wipe mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean entry & sliding glass doors
  • Shake and/or vacuum rugs
  • Empty waste baskets
  • Vacuum and wipe stairs
  • Vacuum carpet and area rugs
  • Vacuum and wash hard floors
  • Dust doors and door frames
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Dust blinds
  • Dust air vents

The service described above, represents our default cleaning package. However, your specific needs, wants and desires are important to us. Let us know how we can provide the best possible cleaning experience for you!