Client Testimonials

“VERY VERY HAPPY with the service we have received throughout the year from Legacy Cleaning. They are thorough, detailed, conscientious, and most of all trustworthy!!! “
Margaret Elwood

“I have been with Legacy Cleaning for several years. I am very happy with their staff and their service. Great organization that appears to treat staff very well.”
Sandra Prestine

“Legacy has been my cleaning service for several years now. They consistently do a terrific job of cleaning my house.”
Marcia Griskavich

These guys are fantastic. They have been cleaning my home for more than 3 years and I am never disappointed. They are respectful of my home, efficient, and very complete. Believe me, with two dogs, a cat, and four kids, they have their work cut out for them. Highly recommended.”
Kimberly Hazen

Great for pet owners:) hands on, always striving to be better”
Colleen Miller

“My mom was always talking about how much she liked her “Legacy Days”- when she came home from work and the house had been cleaned! I thought it was a great luxury for her (and was a bit jealous) but I surely didn’t think I could afford a cleaner… Mom kept saying “just call”.
That was over five years ago and I’m sure glad I did!

The team is friendly, fast, affordable, flexible if I need to occasionally reschedule and make me feel like my house is the most important one they clean! The cleaners do my house the way I need to have it done- just ask them, they will help you, too.

I love my “Legacy Days” and the extra time for my family! Thanks much, Mina Ekenler and Legacy Cleaning!”
Lucie Arendt

“For several years, we have been excited to have Legacy Cleaners provide their excellent service in cleaning our condo. They do a consistently high degree of work, leaving our home in super shape.”

Hiram Shaw

“Legacy Cleaning has been our cleaning service for as long as I have been retired. They have top notch employees who do awesome work. They use high quality products. This was a wonderful present my husband gave me when I retired. Thanks so much to Legacy for making retirement even more wonderful! The ladies always do an excellent job!”

Michele Blackman

“We have had Legacy for many years. The 2 young women who come every 2 weeks do a fantastic job. They are friendly and have become almost a part of our family. When they leave the house is spotless and has that brand new smell. My wife appreciates that everything is put back in place, even everything on the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. If my American flag is down due to weather folded like a blanket when we get home it is has a perfect Military fold. I have and will continue to recommend Legacy to others!”

Dick Josephson

“Seven years ago when I was about to give up finding a cleaning service with which I was satisfied, I found a flyer in my door. The flyer caught my attention because it offered a simple promise of keeping our house clean. We like our house REALLY clean and Mina said her company could do that and that I would not be disappointed. And she was right! I highly recommend Legacy Cleaning Services to anyone who is looking for a good quality cleaning service.”
Marilyn Krump

“Amazing cleaning company! The office is super responsive and nice. The cleaners always show up on time and do an amazing job. I’ve hired other cleaning companies in the Madison area and Legacy is by far the best one we’ve had.”
Natalie Meyer

“I’ve been a customer of Legacy Cleaning for years and they are wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone I know!”

Kristin Gumbinger

“The cleaning crew has always been professional, efficient, friendly and respectful of our home. We appreciate the care and concern the crew has for us during these trying pandemic times. We always feel clean whenever they are here. Thank you for caring.”
Billie Chavez

“Been a customer for over a year. Previously I employed a company that was much less expensive and learned that cheapest isn’t always a good choice. I find Legacy Cleaning to provide excellent value with top quality service, amazing professionalism, and friendly cleaning teams. I cannot recommend enough.”

Oliver Pentinmaki

Cleaner Testimonials


“The employers not just work for themselves; they work with everyone (employees and clients) to make everyone happy. The flexibility in working hours is an asset to many who have children. Also the owners have great ethics and truly care about everyone.”


“This is a fun and friendly working environment. Everyone gets along and cares about each other. After being here just a couple months, I feel like I have for a lifetime. Legacy cares about their employees and asks for their input. They look for employees who fit within their organization, rather than just another employee. We work hard, but I also have fun.”


“I don’t like working here, I LOVE it! Everyone is so friendly and caring. Working for here is truly a blessing. The best caring and kind boss’ I have ever worked for. And its drama free. YAY!”


“The work is physical but sometimes seems like you’re not even working. My fellow cleaners are great cleaners and wonderful people. Also with my children, I love my schedule and no weekends. The environment is upbeat and always improving. The ladies I work with are great people. And our boss’s are very kind and understanding. We take pride in all we do here.”


“I like to work with Legacy because I work out and I drive to different places. I like my bosses because they are nice with everyone. We are number one in Madison!”


“The family friendly atmosphere. The love and care that is felt and how you are really shown that as a person you matter. This becomes a 2nd family LOVE LOVE LOVE this company. This is a kind, caring, just, supportive, and healthy company to work for. This is like FAMILY… plus they provide us free coffee and popcorn:-) ”


“Great people, great management, very flexible and reliable. Very flexible with hours and time off when kids are sick. Great starting wage and ability to grow..”


“This is a good, fun environment. We use the best equipment to clean efficiently and effectively. No nights and No weekends. The best bosses I have ever worked for. The highest pay of any other cleaning company. We work with a lot of good co-workers too. ”


“I love working with Legacy because of the fun atmosphere. I am able to grow with the company and any idea or suggestion I have is taken into consideration no matter how small of an impact it may have. I was once a cleaner and am now office manager, the way I’ve been able to grow with the company has been a true blessing. It is never dull around here. This is my second family and I would never change anything about it. I was truly blessed when I found the ad on craigslist’s June 2012!”