How much does it cost for house cleaning?
That depends. We charge our reoccurring clients a fixed rate at each visit. The house cleaning cost varies widely depending on a lot of variables such as; house size, number of bathrooms, number of people living in the house, pets, amount of wood floors, cleaning frequency and other factors.


For example, one of our clients has a one-story home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen/dining area, dining room, family room and laundry room. There is carpet in 2 bedrooms, the rest of the flooring is laminate. There are no children in the home, but grandkids visit often. They have pets. The home is about 1600 square feet. Their house cleaning schedule is bi-weekly. The cost for house cleaning is $145 per visit.


For your convenience and to provide the lowest possible quote, we offer a free in home consultation with no commitment and no strings attached.
Is Legacy Cleaning Service bonded and insured to help me feel safe?
We are bonded and have a $1 million liability insurance to protect you and your home. Our cleaners are also covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.
Each one of our cleaners was selected from a pool of approximately 210 candidates and have passed a strict background check. Your keys remain locked in a safe at all times except on your house cleaning day. Your garage code is encrypted for your safety.
How do you make sure your employees are trustworthy and good at cleaning?
Legacy Cleaining Service has a 2-part hiring process. First, we screen applicants based on character, personality, and attitude. Next, we check references and run a background check. Approximately 1 out of 210 applicants quailifies to be employed by Legacy. We do this for your peace of mind.

Once an applicant is hired, we have an extensive training program ensuring that their skills meet our high expectations so you are assured that they are exceptional at house cleaning.

How does Legacy have a low cleaner turnover?
We believe we have the lowest cleaner turnover because of our highly selective hiring process, great working environment, positive company culture, consistent work load, clear expectations and opportunity for advancement. To become a Legacy cleaner, one must not only fulfill Legacy’s basic employment requirements, but also be a great fit with our company culture, values, and goals. We have actually dismissed several cleaner candidates with lots of experience and good references, because we believed that they did not shared our core values and would not fit in our company culture! We believe in Win-Win relationships! It has to be good for the client, it has to be good for the cleaner, and it has to be good for the company. If one of us is not happy… the deal is off! Our cleaners stay at Legacy because they are happy to work at Legacy! Click here to see what our cleaners have to say about their job at Legacy.
Why do you believe Legacy is the best cleaning service in town?
Customer reviews and statistical analysis of most performance variables that we analyze tells us that Legacy cleaning is second to none! Any company can come up with a few raving reviews to show you. But only Legacy grew from one client to the largest residential cleaning company in Madison in four years flat! During the worst time in our economy by the way (2009-2013). That does not happen by chance! It requires great cleaning, great custumer service, best value for the price, top notch cleaners, high client satisfaction, high client retention, low cleaner rotation, and so on. We are not perfect, but we are certainly quite blessed and we don’t take it for granted!
Do your cleaners speak and read English?
Yes! And yes! ALL are cleaners speak and read English fluently!
Are you a pet friendly company? How about your cleaners?
Yes! And yes! Over 50% of Legacy’s current clients have pets. In fact, one of our hiring criteria is to make sure our selected candidate is actually affectionate towards pets. Most of us at Legacy actually have pets of our own and understand full well how much your pet might mean to you!
How is your customer service?
Easy and direct access via phone, text, and email. We will communicate with you in your preferred mode (phone, text, or email). Prompt response and accommodating attitude towards your suggestions, requests, schedule changes, etc.
Will your cleaning quality remain consistent over time?
We take pride in maintaining a high quality standard of cleaning over time. We strive to clean every time as if it were the first time we cleaned your home.
How come I have never heard of Legacy Cleaning before?
Most likely because we did not have a web site until Oct 2015. We never advertised on newspapers, magazines or any periodical publication for that matter. We never advertise on craigslist either. We did not have a Facebook page until Oct 2015. And we never paid for google advertising. We became the largest cleaning company in Madison purely because of our cleaning… not our marketing!
Why do you offer a free in home estimate to everyone that requests a service quote?
We are genuine, trustworthy, competent, consistent, and caring. We talk the talk and walk the walk! So, we want our customers would get to know us better. We are confident the more they learn about us the more they would realize our value. We also want to know you better! The more we learn about your needs and wants, the more accurate our quote will be and the more we will be able to serve you in the way you deserved to be served. The relationship between the client and the cleaning company has to be based on trust. After all, you will be allowing us into your home repeatedly!
Are you a high pressure sale company?
Not at all!! Legacy believes in Win-Win relationships! Our client-company relationship can only last if both parties feel that the deal is fare and the parties are living up to it. Legacy has an extremely low costumer turnover rate. That’s partially due to our consistent quality and also because we select our clients. Legacy is not the right cleaning company for all home owners. No company is! There are Subaru clients and there are Buick clients and they don’t mash! If we don’t feel we are good match for you, we will definitely let you know. That way we can avoid unmatched expectations and enjoy a great client-company relationship with the clients that we do accept.
Do you provide all cleaning supplies and equipment?
Yes! We will provide all needed cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment needed. Unless you have a favorite of your own and you would like us to use it instead.
Do you use green cleaning products?
Yes! Our background in Microbiology and Biochemistry gives us to awareness and the knowledge to choose effective cleaning products that are safest for the environment in general, your health, your pet’s heath, as well as the health of our cleaner.
What product do you use on wood floors?
We provide and use Bona as our default wood floor product. A few clients provide and request that we use vinegar.
Will you customize your cleaning service package to my needs?
Yes! Your home, needs, and wants are unique and you deserve a service package that is designed specifically to satisfy you. Set up a free in home consultation and we will customize and quote the cleaning package of your choice.
What if I need an extra cleaning visit between my regular cleaning schedule?
Just let us know with a much advance notice as possible and there is almost 100% chance we will be able to help you out.
What if I want extra cleaning done on my cleaning date? (i.e. an extra bathroom, basement, etc)?
Up to half an hour of extra work we can usually accommodate on the fly. However, if you need help with something that requires 30 minutes or more, just let us know prior to your cleaning date so we can make the necessary adjustments to our schedule and accommodate your request. The extra work would be charged separately.
What are your working hours?
Our cleaning hours are 8:30am to 4:30am M-F. And our office hours are 7:00am to 7:00pm M-F.
What if my cleaning day falls on a Holiday?
Legacy is open all weekdays throughout the year except on Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year’s. If your cleaning day falls on one of those holidays, we will do everything possible to reschedule your cleaning according to your preference.
Do I have to be at home during the time of service?
That is entirely up to you! About three quarter of our clients are absent when are cleaning their homes and the one quarter is typically in the house during cleaning. You are welcome to choose whichever way it suits you better!
What if a cleaner breaks or damages something in my house?
The short answer is that Legacy will take full responsibility for it! We clean over 3000 bathrooms, 800 kitchens, and over 3000 bedroom and common areas in just 30 days. Anyone that cleans that much, is bound to drop or knock something over. We know that we can’t eliminate accidents. But we do make a great effort to keep it to a minimum. For instance, our cleaners are given ample time to clean each house so they do not feel rushed. Our very cleaning method and work flow are designed to minimize property damage. We work in small teams to avoid commotion in the work space and minimize accidents. All our equipment and tools are fairly new and in perfect working condition. Our cleaners are not penalized for property damage. They are penalized however for not reporting the damage when it does occur. Therefore, our cleaners are extremely honest and upfront about reporting damage. Damaging something on accident is an honest mistake, but hiding it is not! Your trust is important to us and we will do everything in our power to keep your trust and make amendments for your loss.
Will you always send the same cleaner to clean my house?
The short answer is yes. Each house gets assigned a default cleaning team composed of two cleaners. So, if a cleaner happens to be sick or on vacation on your cleaning day, chances are, her partner would still be available to clean your home. We also have a very low cleaner turnover rate, but it is not zero. So, when a cleaner leaves Legacy, her teammate provides continuity.
In the past I had to explain everything all over again everytime a new cleaner came to clean my house. How does this work at Legacy?
At Legacy it is once and done! First of all, we open an account to each client which includes all your requests, needs, wants, and suggestions about the cleaning. The cleaner will have access to all that info on the day of your cleaning and will incorporate your notes on their report about the cleaning at the end of the day as well. Second, we assign you a default team of two cleaners. So, if one happens to be unavailable, there is still one person familiar with your home and pets. And third, we have a very low cleaner rotation compared to the industry average.
What happens to my service and charges if I decide to spend the winter months down south?
We can either maintain or pause the service. The choice is yours. No fees or penalties will be charged while your account remains paused. We will be happy to resume your service upon your return. If the first cleaning after your return takes significant more time and effort, an extra charge might apply.
Do you have other clients with Asthma or allergy concerns?
Yes! And yes! We have many long term clients with asthmas and or allergy concerns. In fact, the reason most of them switched to Legacy Cleaning is because of our low allergen product line and sanitary cleaning methods. When we leave, your house will “smell” clean… not chemicals!
What if I need to cancel or reschedule a cleaning?
No problem at all! Just let us know 24 hrs in advance and we will happily make the necessary adjustments to your cleaning schedule at no cost to you! Last minute changes are typically handled at no cost to you either. A $50 lockout or cancelation fee may be applied if we can’t get in or if you do not reschedule your cleaning prior to our arrival to your home.
Besides cleaning, do you clean dishes, do laundry, make beds, etc?
No. Cleaning dishes, doing laundry, and making beds are considered maid services and fall outside our business model and scope. We are licensed and insured as a cleaning company (not a maid company). All our supplies, equipment, skill set, cleaning method, and work flow is optimized for residential cleaning! We would rather be a master of our trade than a jack of all trades.
What if something gets missed or not cleaned properly?
Legacy offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we happen to miss or not clean something to your expectation, just let us know within 24 hours and we will return and fix it free of charge!
How do you take payment?
The vast majority of our clients leave a check on the kitchen counter on their cleaning day. If needed, Legacy will invoice by mail or email.