Disinfection And Protection

LEGACY will Disinfect your business or residence and protect it from re-infection for 90 days.


  • Effective on viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, and fungi (including mildew)
  • EPA Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant that is safe on all surfaces
  • NSF D2 Rated as food safe – no rinse required
  • Safe on children’s toys – no rinse required
  • Safe for Pets
  • Safe and Effective on carpets, draperies, upholsteries, and leather


90-DAY PROTECTION SHIELD Mechanically kills viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, and fungi for 90 days or longer.

Water based, non-toxic, invisible organic polymer film that mechanically kills microbes as they touch the treated surface. 

Lasting protection to avoid Covid-19 transmission through high touch points such as knobs, handles, handrails, shopping carts and baskets, restaurant tables and chairs, student tables and chairs, school busses, taxis, and any surface touched by multiple people. 

Is not a matter of IF… it’s just a matter of WHEN someone with Covid-19 or the Flu will enter your business or home and contaminate your space.


Our 90 Day Protective Shield will offer continuous and proactive defense, killing the virus as soon as it touches the treated surface.

Services Offered:

  • 24/7 Emergency disinfection of buildings that have been contaminated with Covid-19.
  • Preventive/reopening disinfection for commercial facilities and vehicle fleets.
  • 90-Day protection for commercial facilities and vehicle fleets.
  • Disinfection and 90-Day protection for residential homes.
  • Disinfection and 90-Day protection for RVs and Boats.
  • Our applications are done with a state-of-the-art electrostatic application sprayer.

How does the 90-Day Protectant work?

Our 90-Day Protectant provides the longest and most effective residual control of Covid-19 on the market. It’s organic and safe composition makes it ideal for use in high touch areas. One end of its molecule creates a strong co-valent bond with a multitude of surfaces, porous and non-porous, forming a highly durable and transparent protective coating. The other end of the molecule forms a microscopic bed of spikes that punctures microbes like a bed of nails. It physically ruptures the cell walls of these microbes, without the use of poisons.

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