Employee Testimonials


“The employers not just work for themselves; they work with everyone (employees and clients) to make everyone happy. The flexibility in working hours is an asset to many who have children. Also the owners have great ethics and truly care about everyone.”


“This is a fun and friendly working environment. Everyone gets along and cares about each other. After being here just a couple months, I feel like I have for a lifetime. Legacy cares about their employees and asks for their input. They look for employees who fit within their organization, rather than just another employee. We work hard, but I also have fun.”


“I don’t like working here, I LOVE it! Everyone is so friendly and caring. Working for here is truly a blessing. The best caring and kind boss’ I have ever worked for. And its drama free. YAY!”


“The work is physical but sometimes seems like you’re not even working. My fellow cleaners are great cleaners and wonderful people. Also with my children, I love my schedule and no weekends. The environment is upbeat and always improving. The ladies I work with are great people. And our boss’s are very kind and understanding. We take pride in all we do here.”


“I like to work with Legacy because I work out and I drive to different places. I like my bosses because they are nice with everyone. We are number one in Madison!”


“The family friendly atmosphere. The love and care that is felt and how you are really shown that as a person you matter. This becomes a 2nd family LOVE LOVE LOVE this company. This is a kind, caring, just, supportive, and healthy company to work for. This is like FAMILY… plus they provide us free coffee and popcorn:-) ”


“Great people, great management, very flexible and reliable. Very flexible with hours and time off when kids are sick. Great starting wage and ability to grow..”


“This is a good, fun environment. We use the best equipment to clean efficiently and effectively. No nights and No weekends. The best bosses I have ever worked for. The highest pay of any other cleaning company. We work with a lot of good co-workers too. ”


“I love working with Legacy because of the fun atmosphere. I am able to grow with the company and any idea or suggestion I have is taken into consideration no matter how small of an impact it may have. I was once a cleaner and am now office manager, the way I’ve been able to grow with the company has been a true blessing. It is never dull around here. This is my second family and I would never change anything about it. I was truly blessed when I found the ad on craigslist’s June 2012!”